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Accordingly you will need to someday to shut down, or liquidate, any S corporations you start.The tiny bit of bad news is you do need to take care of some important details in order to truly tie up all the loose ends. But one other thing to note: The discussion here focuses on steps for dissolving an S corporation, but the information will probably also be helpful if you're asking yourself questions such as, "How do I end a corporation? ", and "how do I stop doing business as a corporation? To shut down your S corporation legally, you file articles of dissolution with the secretary of state in the state where you formed the entity you used for the S corporation. In some situations, business owners have state-law reasons for wanting their business to be formed as a limited liability company (LLC), but for tax purposes they would prefer S corporation (rather than partnership) tax treatment. However, if an LLC that is eligible to elect S status timely files an S election (Form 2553), the entity is considered to have elected to be taxed as a corporation (Regs. Under S corporation rules, however, a newly formed corporation must file the S election on or before the 15th day of the third month following the corporation’s activation date, which is the earliest date that the corporation has shareholders, acquires assets, or begins conducting business.

Rather, the election can be retroactive or prospective within the time limits surrounding the date the LLC files Form 2553, as outlined above.An entity that makes the deemed election to be taxed as a corporation by filing the S election, Form 2553, will be classfied as a corporation on the date the S election is effective and will continue to be treated as a corporation until it makes an other entity classification (Regs. It would seem, the authors recommend that a copy of the Form 8832 be attached to the Form 2553, along with a statement that the entity has made the check-the-box election and is now making the S election. 2013-30, the IRS updated and consolidated the procedures for requesting relief when taxpayers miss the deadline for making a number of S corporation-related elections, including the election to be treated as an S corporation under Sec. 2013-30 is in lieu of requesting relief via the letter ruling process, and user fees are not charged.If the LLC has not filed Form 8832, the effective date of the S election could be entered. 1362(a) and the election to treat an eligible entity as a corporation under Regs. 301.7701-3(c)(1)(v)(C) so that it can elect to be treated as an S corporation. When an eligible entity classified as a partnership elects to be treated as a corporation (or converts into a corporation under a state-law conversion statute), the partnership is treated as contributing all of its assets and liabilities to the corporation in exchange for stock.Allowing an LLC to make a midyear S election makes sense because a newly electing S corporation can begin its first S year at any allowable date. Since no actual incorporation takes place and no shares are issued, how does an LLC complete the S election Form 2553?To conform to S corporation rules, however, the authors recommend that the effective date of the S election should not occur before the earliest date that the LLC has members, acquires assets, or begins conducting business. If an entity elects to change its classification, it cannot do so again during the 60 months after the effective date of the election without the IRS’s permission (Regs. While the instructions offer some guidance, they do not divulge how an LLC shows the effective date or state of incorporation.

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However, if you use an LLC as the platform for your S corporation, you have another method for shutting down the S corporation--and one you should carefully consider.

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